The Conscious Vibe

Seven Lions Mix [Melodic Dubstep / Chillstep]

Download (original 2012 version): Download (updated 2014 version with more songs): Newer 2016 version coming soon. *** Extended and updated to include every one of his tracks that has been released since the original uploading of this mix, including the Worlds Apart EP. Follow Seven Lions Soundcloud Facebook Youtube Beatport Instagram Twitter Songkick iTunes Follow The Conscious Vibe Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Donate: Join the Conscious Vibe Tribe discussion group Background image: Tracklisting 00:00 - Seven Lions feat. Fiora - Days to Come 04:24 - Above & Beyond - You Got to Go (Seven Lions Remix) 09:12 - Tritonal - Still With Me (Seven Lions Remix) 14:00 - Above & Beyond - On My Way to Heaven (Seven Lions remix) 19:20 - Seven Lions feat. Shaz Sparks - Below Us 22:54 - Velvetine - The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix) 27:29 - Seven Lions feat. Birds of Paradise - She Was 32:17 - Seven Lions - The Truth 37:14 - Seven Lions - Tyven 43:08 - Seven Lions - Isis 47:50 - Superbus - All Alone (Seven Lions Remix) 52:02 - Oceanlab - Satellite (Seven Lions Remix) 57:09 - Florence & the Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix) 01:01:00 - Seven Lions - Fractals 01:05:00 - Paul van Dyk - I Don\t Deserve You (Seven Lions Remix) 01:10:00 - Seven Lions feat. Shaz Sparks - Polarized

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