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The Lord Of The Rings - Piano Suite

Me playing my own piano medley arrangement, mostly by ear, of music from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy motion pictures, composed by the genius Howard Shore. The music that features in the three movies has to be up there with the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. I remember many years ago watching the movies, also pure genius, and wanting to play the music on my keyboard, I used to learn the music by ear at the time of release of the films. I also have all three soundtracks on CD and they are treasures to say the least. There are so many beautiful and stirring themes that Howard Shore wrote, I think he was put on \middle\ earth just so he could write music for these movies. You could say a great deal of work went into this arrangement, it is my most ambitious and biggest performance to date. Below I list all the pieces I include in my arrangement/performance in order: Foundations Of Stone 0:06 - 1:08 Gollum\s Song/various excerpts 1:09 - 2:08 Many Meetings/Aniron 2:09 - 3:34 The Council Of Elrond 3:35 - 4:50 The Riders Of Rohan 4:51 - 6:17 Evenstar/various excerpts 6:18 - 7:19 Minas Tirith/The White Tree 7:20 - 8:20 The Grey Havens 8:21 These happen to be the most emotionally connected tracks to me and so I thought to make it the best arrangement I would choose the music I remember and cherished most of all from the trilogy. In terms of the structure of the arrangement, I opted to start with the theme that opens \The Two Towers\ movie purely because that has the strongest connection with me in terms of how I remember any of the movies starting, it is a wonderful deep and sweeping panoramic piece that accompanies the exact same setting/opening scene in the movie - panning over the icy mountains. This of course leads to the dramatic and utterly insane \falling\ battle between Gandalf and the Balrog Demon. After this I decided to play a segment from \Gollum\s Song\, originally this was not in the arrangement at first, I later added it in because I thought it was not complete without this haunting piece of music, and Gollum is central to the movies of course. After a little hint of \Many Meetings\ I play Aniron (actually composed by Enya) which is a beautiful melodic fantasy piece I had to include. This then cuts to \The Council Of Elrond\ and perhaps the central theme to the movie trilogy, a wonderful epic and adventurous motif used to great effect throughout the films, \The Ring Goes South\ particularly uses this main theme to great effect as the companions walk over the wilderness on their journey. With this theme I lead directly onto \Riders Of Rohan\ which I remember accompanies the viewers fist glimpse of Rohan in \The Two Towers\ Movie. This is a very strong and emotional theme played originally on the charismatic Hardinger - Norweigan Fiddle. Next I play \Evenstar\ which again is a beautiful melodic piece of music referencing to Arwen giving Aragorn said jewel. I blend next into a recapitulation of the main \Concerning Hobbits\ theme (also used many other times throughout the movies and in other tracks on the albums) I played earlier in the piece, this time in D major, not C major as I originally played it. This gives me the platform to move onto the amazing Return Of The King main theme, used throughout the final movie and soundtrack. \The White Tree\ is actually one of my favourite pieces of soundtrack music, and the soundtrack version actually differs slightly to the one Shore used in the film, a stunning scene where the torches are lit across the landscape to call the armies of Rohan into helping fight the battle. I used to play this piece of music alarmingly loud many years ago in my room, its like one long crescendo of sound with strings sweeping up and down and everywhere, I could never learn this particular piece by ear to be honest, there is far too much going on to be able to reduce it down to a piano arrangement in my opinion. Minas Tirith is also a wonderful piece of music and the scene where Gandolf climbed the stone city is probably the stand out scene for me out of all movies. I finish on an excerpt from \The Grey Havens\, this short theme is used several other times in the \Return Of The King\ to beautiful effect. I wanted to end on this theme as it has a certain air of hope and beauty about it, like a calm and serene conclusion to a great war. A very emotional short theme which I feel a very strong connection to. Hope you enjoy and I would like to dedicate this video to all my followers and avid listeners, I have had quite a few requests to do LOTR, so this is for you. Download the track: iTunes - Google Play - Facebook: Twitter: ITunes: Google Play: Sheet music store: Booking/Business:

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