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Its President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) versus the Ninth Circuit Court judges (Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, Pete Davidson) on a new Peoples Court. Get more SNL: Full Episodes: Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL Instagram: SNL Pinterest: Get more SNL on Hulu:

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'Air Supply\'s official music video for \'Making Love Out Of Nothing At All\'. Click to listen to Air Supply on Spotify:\n\nAs featured on Ultimate Air Supply. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:\nGoogle Play:\nAmazon:\n\nMore from Air Supply\nAll Out Of Love:\nLost In Love:\nThe One That You Love:\n\nMore great 80s videos here:\n\nFollow Air Supply\nWebsite:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\n\nSubscribe to Air Supply on YouTube:\n\n---------\n\nLyrics:\n\nI know just how to whisper,\nand I know just how to cry;\nI know just where to find the answers;\nand I know just how to lie.\nI know just how to fake it,\nand I know just how to scheme;\nI know just when to face the truth,\nand then I know just when to dream.\nAnd I know just where to touch you,\nand I know just what to prove;\nI know when to pull you closer,\nand I know when to let you loose.\nAnd I know the night is fading,\nand I know that time\'s gonna fly;\nand I\'m never gonna tell you everything\nI\'ve got to tell you,\nbut I know I\'ve got to give it a try.\nAnd I know the roads to riches,\nand I know the ways to fame;\nI know all the rules\nand then I know how to break \'em\nand I always know the name of the game.'

'In this video I put 16 Twinkies in my vacuum chamber. I talk about what I think will happen when I put them in the vacuum chamber. When the air is sucked out the Twinkie\'s internal pressure makes the Twinkies expand. Then when I let the air back in they are crushed back down.\n\nVisit my facebook page at:\n\n\nSend me things to crush at:\nPO Box 482\nNorth Plains OR 97133\n*If you do send me something message me so I know it\'s coming!\n\nCheckout my science channel: \n\n\nFor more awesome videos checkout:\nWhat Happens When You Put A Balloon Under Water in A Vacuum Chamber? Can You Lift Weights?\n\n\nSnow Turned Into Clear Sheet Of Ice By A Hydraulic Press\n\n\nWhat Happens When You Put A Speaker In A Huge Vacuum Chamber? Can You Hear It?\n\n\nWhat Happens When You Put Bubbles In A Huge Vacuum Chamber?\n\nThree Layers of Paintballs Crushed In a Hydraulic Press\n\n\nWhat Happens When You Put 6 Eggs In A Huge Vacuum Chamber?\n\n\nWhat Happens When You Put A Drone In a Vacuum? Can It Still Fly?\n\n\nWhat Happens When You Put A Can Of Soda In A Huge Vacuum\n\n\nCan Cold Milk Boil Without Heat In A Vacuum Chamber?\n\n\nWhat Happens When You Put Shaving Cream Balloons In A Huge Vacuum Chamber?\n\n\nPeanuts Turned To Creamy Peanut Butter By A Hydraulic Press: 2nd Try\n\n\nI Made A Square Balloon By Putting It In A Huge Vacuum Chamber\n\n\nWhat Happens When You Put 30 Marshmallows In A Huge Vacuum Chamber?\n\n\nIs It Possible To Inflate A Balloon With Crushed Seashells From A Hydraulic Press?\n\n\nCrushing A 1000 Degree Glowing Knife In A Hydraulic Press Experiment...Or Maybe Its 700 Degrees\n\n\nCan I Make Triboluminescence Happen In A Hydraulic Press?\n\n\nDon\'t Spray Sodium Metal With Water After Flattening It In A Hydraulic Press!\n\n\nExperiment Glowing 1000 Degree KNIFE vs HAND vs Hydraulic Press || Ultimate Destruction Video\n\n\nShatterproof vs Traditional Ornaments Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nSee What Happens When A Magic 8 Ball Is Crushed In Hydraulic Press!\n\n\nExtracting Cyanide From Apple Seeds With Hydraulic Press\n\nLarge Steel Jingle Bells Crushed With A Hydraulic Press\n\n\nHow Strong Is Human Hair Composite When Crushed In A Hydraulic Press?\n\n\nStarburst Crushed And Folded With Hydraulic Press Into 64 layers\n\n\nDid I Just Make Apple Juice With A Hydraulic Press?\n\n\n\nFinal Scene of Terminator 1 Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nFrozen Oobleck Crushed In Hydraulic Press | Non Newtonian Fluid\n\n\nFreeze-Dried Astronaut Ice Cream Crushed In Hydraulic Press\n\n\nBallistic Gel Crushed By Hydraulic Press And Exploded By Bomb\n\n\nCrushing A Head With Real Human Hair In Hydraulic Press\n\n\nCrushing Cryogenic Frozen Honey With Hydraulic Press!\n\n\nGiant Hershey\'s Kiss Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nSuperglued Legos Crushed By A Hydraulic Press\n\n\nStress Ball Crushed With A Hydraulic Press\n\n\nCrushing Diamagnetic Bismuth With Hydraulic Press\n\n\nTough Elk Antler Crushed With Hydraulic Press\n\n\nToilet Paper Pykrete Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nCan I Turn Graphite To Real Diamond With Hydraulic Press?\n\n\nPrank Exploding Golf Ball Turns To Powder In Hydraulic Press\n\n\nPeanuts Turned To Peanut Butter By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nWelded Kevlar Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nCarbon Composite Fiber Tubes Crushed In Hydraulic Press\n\n\nExploding Balls Compilation | Obsidian | Fushigi | Jaw Breaker | Emoji |Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nSub-Zero Thor\'s Hammer Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nFlammable Magnesium Bar Crushed In Hydraulic Press | Bright White Magnesium Fire!\n\n\nPokeball And Real 3,000 Volt Pikachu Pokemon Crushed By Hydraulic Press\n\n\nFrozen Pumpkins Crushed By Hydraulic Press | Scary Halloween Edition\n'

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