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5 Major Problems With The Big Bang Theory | Answers With Joe

The Big Bang Theory is by far the most accepted theory surrounding the origin of our universe - but it\s not perfect. Here are 5 unsolved mysteries surrounding the Big Bang. If you\d like to support the show in exchange for exclusive perks, visit Also, follow me at answerswithjoe on: Facebook Twitter Snapchat Instagram ================== From the concepts of George Lemaitre and Edwin Hubble, the Big Bang Theory developed to explain the expansion of our universe, the development of the four fundamental forces and the standard model of particle physics. Another theory, called Ekpyrotic Theory, attempts to explain the holes in the Big Bang Theory by merging general relativity with string theory. For more on these subjects, check out the links below: The story about the German physicist\s reinterpretation of the CMB: Ekpyrotic theory

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